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Courses are multidisciplinary and applicable to a variety of professionals.
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Risk Management


Risk Management Essentials (RM-10)
Live, one day course, provides a broad-based approach to risk management addressing common pitfalls and risks that impact clinicians and health care organizations.
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Medical Records


Medical Record Keeping (MR-17)
Two-day course on proper record keeping practices, record keeping law, EMR, and mitigating risks.
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Proper Prescribing (RX-21)
Two-day course on proper prescribing practices including: controlled substances, opioids, and pain management. Editions: Essential, Extended.
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Professional Boundaries (PB-24)
This live, 3-day course addresses relationship-based conduct (sexual and non-sexual) and focuses on developing a plan to establish and maintain professional boundaries.
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Civility and Communication


Elevating Civility and Communication in Health Care (CC-30)
Live, 3-day intensive course designed to elevate civility and communication practices by addressing uncollegial or uncooperative behaviors and developing plans to maintain ongoing accountability.
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Ethics and Professionalism

These courses address and remediate issues rooted in lack of adherence to laws, rules, guidelines, codes, or policies.


Medical Ethics and Professionalism (ME-15)
One day course addressing ethical crossings, enhancing professionalism, and mitigating risks.
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California Medical Ethics and Professionalism (ME-22 CA)
Live, 2-day course. Title-16 Course Approved by Medical Board of CA This course is for California clinicians only.
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Medical Ethics and Professionalism (ME-22)
Live, 2-day course. Addresses and remediates ethical violations, enhances professionalism, and mitigates risks.
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California Pharmacy Ethics and Professionalism (PE-22)

Two day course + 6 and 12 month follow-ups. Addresses ethical transgressions, enhances professionalism, and mitigates risks. Title 16 (CA Pharmacy Board Approved)

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Extended Follow-Up

This course serves as an optional extended follow-up component for all PBI course graduates as well as graduates of courses taken elsewhere


Maintenance and Accountability Seminars (MAS-12)
Weekly group discussions, facilitated by expert faculty, focusing on continued accountability, learning, and growth in a variety of topic areas
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On Demand

These preventative, 2-3 hour courses are on-demand, self-paced and provide practical and easy to implement risk management education. Derived from our remedial live programs, these courses will illuminate the unknown risks and red flags that may predispose a clinician to a professional violation. Group Packages: Contact for information.


The Complete Professional: Navigating Professional Boundaries in Medicine (DR-2)
This preventative risk management course discusses developing and implementing professional boundaries as a clinician. Editions: Doctoral, Non-Doctoral.
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Medical Chaperone Training Program (CTP-2)
A comprehensive guide to serving as a medical chaperone in a variety of settings. Editions: Voluntary, Mandated.
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Managing Clinician-Patient Conflicts (CPC-2)
Course covers strategies for conflict management, deescalating tension, and understanding patients with personality disorders
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Maintaining Ethics, Boundaries and Professionalism in Nursing (NE-3)
Online course for nurses wishing to recognize common ethical and boundary pitfalls, and learn how to avoid them
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Best Practice Prescribing: Opioids, Pain Management, and Addiction (RX-3)
An introduction to best practices for safe prescribing, setting prescribing-related professional boundaries, and patient care related to pain management and opioid prescribing.
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