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  • “ALL of the PBI courses that I have taken have allowed me to grow either as a healthcare provider or personally and often both…I am now CONSTANTLY thinking about how to improve, how to avoid mistakes and slips and how to pass this information along. Thank you all at PBI!”
    – Civility and Communication Course Graduate
  • “This course was fantastic and the faculty did a BRILLIANT job in managing and conducting the course. I loved the virtual aspect of it which made me pay attention 100% throughout the course by seeing all the participants and the instructor right in front of my eyes at all times. I could have not asked for any better educational experience than this. Phenomenal job. “
    – Medical Ethics Course Graduate
  • “The quality of this program, the detailed information presented clearly, the amount of time given to each participant to share their stories in an atmosphere of trust, respect and lack of judgement were offered in a way I have not seen previously. The outcome of the above was transformation of mindset over a span of 3 days, a feat that in itself is staggering in terms of achieving measurable results. I am very impressed by the didactic curriculum and by the excellence of the faculty.”
    – Civility and Communication Course Graduate
  • “A superb experience! Educational as well as therapeutic and gave me the opportunity to learn from others. I can make peace with my transgressions and begin to heal. Thank you!”
    – Professional Boundaries Course Graduate
  • “The instructor was superb. I wish that I had this course 20 years ago and I feel it should be mandatory for all physicians in the United States.”
    – Medical Record Course Graduate
  • “Fantastic conference!!! Should be given in Medical Schools and required by our State Boards. It will certainly improve my overall patient care and help me develop safer prescribing and documentation habits.”
    – Prescribing Course Graduate
  • “I thought the course was excellent, the materials were very helpful and allowed hands on work and actionable plans and monitoring. I also really felt it beneficial to discuss the cases and personal challenges with colleagues. Hearing their perspectives and group insights on my own challenges was the most helpful aspect. “
    – Civility and Communication Course Graduate
  • “What I learned in the course was more than I’ve learned and implemented the past 2 years (of my probation) combined…I will be continually modifying and making changes to how I practice. This course and all the info contained is invaluable. “
    – Professional Boundaries Course Graduate
  • “I am truly thankful that is course exists as a rehabilitative measure so that professionals can find their way back to their careers. I wish I had taken this course before I graduated from my teacher education program.”
    – Educators Course Graduate

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