Your partner in developing impactful educational interventions to address and prevent unprofessional conduct.

We understand the risk to patient safety when unprofessional conduct goes unaddressed. At PBI, we partner with regulators and organizations to provide clinicians with the tools necessary for safer practice.

How to Refer a Clinician to a Remedial Course

1. Select appropriate course(s)

Our team is available as a resource to assist you in determining the most appropriate course(s) for a specific situation. Call 904-800-1237 or review the Course Selection Guide to get started.

2. Communicate expectations to licensee/clinician

When communicating with the clinician, specify the selected course(s) in written referral documentation (e.g., order, stipulated settlement, performance improvement plan, etc.)

3. Receive confirmation of course pass/fail

Clinicians that successfully complete and pass their course will receive a CME certificate. If a participants fails, PBI Education will notify the referring organization of the reasons for failure.

The PBI Education Difference

  • Intensive, process-focused approach
  • Multidisciplinary courses, limited to 15 (or fewer) participants
  • Development of multilayered Personalized Protection Plan®
  • Post-course reports (AIR Letters) available to referring organizations for additional insights
  • CME accredited, independently funded
  • Internationally-recognized faculty

PBI Post-Course Report: AIR Letter

An Accomplishments, Impressions, and Recommendations Letter, or AIR Letter, is a post-course report and a resource for regulatory agencies, organizations, and professional programs. The letter acts as a supplement to the PBI Education Certificate of Completion.

PBI Virtual Live Classroom®

The Virtual Live Classroom utilizes Zoom to provide impactful education in a safer, more accessible environment. After more than three years of delivering remedial education through a virtual platform, we have found that virtual courses accomplish the same objectives as traditional in-person courses, and provide many unexpected advantages.

Referral FAQ’s

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PBI Education Course FAQ’s

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Who teaches PBI Education courses and what are their credentials?
Has PBI Education published any research in the field?
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Does PBI Education offer post-course follow-up or coaching opportunities?
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