PBI Education: Your go-to remediation resource

Do you know a professional exhibiting behaviors that warrant intervention?

Allow the experts at PBI to be your guide. Drawing from our nearly 20 years of experience, we set the standard for impactful, empathic education. From seemingly innocuous issues, simply needing to be “nipped in the bud”, to more serious issues in need of a comprehensive plan, we will serve as your partner through the process.

Why choose PBI?

  • Unique process-focused educational approach: participants gain insight into why they they initially failed to maintain professional conduct and then develop a Personalized Protection Plan to uphold their professionalism moving forward
  • Trusted by more than 1,000 healthcare organizations, medical executive committees, HR professionals, professional schools, and attorneys
  • Utilized by more than 200 licensing boards, Canadian regulatory colleges, and professional health programs

Below are answers to questions most frequently received from referring entities. For questions or guidance contact our staff at 904-800-1237 or

Course FAQ’s

Do you have a list of the common causes for referral for each course?
Why should I choose PBI over a competitor’s course? What sets you apart?
Has PBI published any research in the remedial education field?
How can I be sure that the course faculty are equipped to address the types of issues that I’m referring someone for?
How do I decide between the boundaries, communications, or ethics course?
How do I decide which course edition is best?
Do you have any “add-ons” or follow-up components to a course?
How do you make sure participants are engaged in a virtual course?

Referral FAQ’s

How do I refer someone to a PBI course?
What should be included in the referral documentation?
How should I make sure PBI receives the referral documentation?
How will I know how the participant did in their course?
What is an Accomplishment, Impressions, and Recommendations (AIR) Letter and should I request one?
What can I expect after the referral has been made and the documentation is provided to PBI?