Regulator Approved Remedial Courses

Confidential, personalized educational interventions to address improper professional conduct.

From seemingly innocuous issues, simply needing to be “nipped in the bud”, to more serious issues in need of a comprehensive plan, we will serve as your partner and guide through the process. Drawing from 20 years of experience, we set the standard for impactful, empathic, remedial education.

Why choose PBI?

  • Trusted by more than 1,000 organizations, medical executive committees, HR professionals, professional schools, and attorneys
  • Utilized by more than 200 licensing boards, Canadian regulatory colleges, and professional health programs
  • Success rate: ~97% of course graduates studied do not re-offend*
  • Virtual courses offered monthly make timely interventions convenient and accessible
  • Process-focused approach: participants gain critical insight into why they initially failed to maintain professional behavior, then develop a Personalized Protection Plan to uphold professional conduct moving forward

*Caldicott, CVReducing Recidivism Potential: Experiences from an Education Provider. Administrators in Medicine/Federation of State Medical Boards Joint Spotlight Poster Session, FSMB Annual Meeting, Fort Worth, TX, 2019.

Referral FAQ’s

What are the steps to refer a professional to a PBI Course?
What should be included in referral documentation?
How does PBI receive the referral documentation?
How will I know how the participant did in their course?
What is an AIR Letter? (Accomplishments, Impressions, and Recommendations Letter)
What happens after I make a referral?
What if I need to refer more than one person?

PBI Course FAQ’s

What are the common causes for referral?
Why should I choose PBI?
Who teaches PBI Courses and what are their credentials?
Has PBI published any research in the field?
How do I determine which course edition is most appropriate?
Does PBI offer post-course follow-up or coaching opportunities?
How does PBI ensure participants are engaged throughout their virtual course?