Frequently Asked Questions

About PBI Education

Where can I find information about confidentiality, refunds, cancelations, and date transfers?
How do I make a referral to PBI Education?
How do I get a PBI Education course approved by my regulatory agency?
How do I pay for a course?
My disciplinary order states that I need to take a course from a different provider, can I take a PBI Education course instead?
Can I attend a course proactively for CME credit even if I don’t have a disciplinary order?
If I can’t attend a full course, can I attend part of the course for partial credit?

Remediation and Remedial Education

What is remedial education and does remediation work?
Who should consider professionalism training in boundaries and/or ethics?
Who benefits from remediation and how?
Why is professional boundaries training so important?

Reporting violations and resources for the public and victims

How do I report a potential or actual violation?
Where can patients and the public find disciplinary and licensing information about clinicians?
What resources are available for victims of professional misconduct?

Professional Boundaries

What are professional boundaries?
What is a boundary violation?
What causes a boundary violation?
Who is harmed by boundary crossings and violations?
Have professional boundaries changed over time?
What are common pitfalls that can cause a health care professional to cross a boundary? What common pitfalls get clinicians into trouble with their regulator or employer?
How can I help a colleague avoid a boundary violation?
Is it okay to date a current or former patient?

Ethics and Professionalism

What is professionalism?
What are ethics? How does they differ from professionalism?
What is a fiduciary?
Do codes of ethics change over time?
How can a healthcare professional protect him/herself or his/her practice and avoid problems in the future?
What do the terms dishonorable, disgraceful, unprofessional conduct, and moral turpitude mean?
What ethical issues arise in supervision?

Frequently Asked Questions

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