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Coaching Services

You are not alone. Coaching is an opportunity to discuss one-on-one with an experienced PBI faculty member the specifics of your case and explore personalized strategies for practicing safely.

Learn how to convey to others what you have learned along your journey. It may be the tipping point in acquiring employment or for remaining in the profession in the wake of a disciplinary action.

Build confidence from frank discussion with those that know the obstacles and opportunities that lay ahead. Areas of focus during coaching sessions are wide-ranging and include topics such as:

  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Navigating ethical dilemmas
  • Improving civility and communication (with co-workers, within teams, and with patients)
  • Enhancing professionalism
  • Burnout and stress management

Registration and eligibility: Coaching sessions are offered in 30 minute blocks of time, at a rate of $150 per 30 minute block. Participants need to have taken a live PBI Education course to be eligible for coaching. Prior to the first coaching session, faculty will need to receive referral documentation of the regulator’s or employer’s areas of concern, as well as a participant-completed coaching profile.

Custom Trainings/Presentations

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

Throughout our more than 20 years of experience remediating common pitfalls, we have become experts in educating professionals how to best protect their patients, their staff, and themselves. Similarly, PBI will work with your institution, association, or organization to design custom learning solutions, share our best practices, and chart a better path forward for your clinical team, teaching staff, and/or administrative team.

Health care systems, hospitals, insurance providers, universities, and other organizations: The economic, emotional, and organizational impact of an individual’s boundary issue, ethical crossing, prescribing error, communication breakdown, or other misstep on your organization is significant. Unaddressed—or inadequately addressed—issues result in stressful work environments, costly turnover in staff, and poor clinical or educational outcomes. Allow us to consult with your team and design online the content or customize the presentation you need to efficiently and successfully address the issues that you are struggling with.

Regulatory agencies, boards, professional health programs, and associations: The landscape of remedial education is constantly changing, as are the recommendations for addressing disciplinary issues. How do you know that your current processes are working and are best serving the professionals you work with? Could you be doing more, and is what you are doing as impactful as it can be? Perhaps it is time to consult with our expert team who can design a presentation or training. Our nationally recognized faculty with years of experience successfully remediating professionals can share their insights into what we know works. Our recommendations as to how you can improve your processes can help you make a lasting impact on the professionals you work with as well as the community they serve.

Equivalent Course Offerings

We are committed to providing high quality courses at competitive rates, which are equivalent to many regulator-ordered courses offered by other providers. Our courses compare to similar courses from providers such as:

  • Center for Personalized Education for Professionals (CPEP)
  • Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE)
  • Vanderbilt Center for Professional Health
  • Santé Center for Healing
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Western Institute of Legal Medicine (WILM)

If you see your regulator-ordered provider here, there’s a good chance that PBI offers a comparable course which is likely already approved by your regulator.