PBI Post-Course Report: AIR Letter

The PBI Post-Course Report: Accomplishments, Impressions, and Recommendations (AIR) Letter

An Accomplishments, Impressions, and Recommendations Letter, or AIR Letter, is a post-course report and a resource for regulatory agencies, organizations, and professional programs. The letter acts as a supplement to the PBI Certificate of Completion.

The AIR Letter is designed to expand the referrer’s understanding of the attendee’s accomplishments of course objectives through their course work, offer individualized faculty impressions of the attendee’s participation and interaction during the course, as well as include faculty recommendations, if any, for continuing education, assessments, therapy, or any other resources that they may see as providing opportunities for growth and enhanced remediation.

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AIR Letter Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive an AIR Letter?

AIR Letters are available for participants referred to a course by regulatory boards, provincial colleges, employers, organizations, or professional schools. Referral documentation must be provided for an AIR Letter to be produced.
In order to maintain PBI Educations’s neutral position, with respect to such entities and participants, and to preserve the integrity of the AIR Letter, PBI Education does not provide AIR Letters to individuals upon self- request or entities acting as advocates for participants (such as legal counsel) or those who could be construed as such.

For which courses are AIR Letters available?

PBI Education will provide AIR Letters only for remedial live and teleconference courses. AIR Letters are not available for on-demand, self-study courses.

How can an AIR Letter be requested?

Advance notice of the request may be given to PBI Education prior to the commencement of the attendee’s course, written in the referral documentation. AIR Letters cannot be retroactively requested, as this would compromise the course faculty’s insights into the individual’s participation during the course and could diminish the quality of the letter.

Who will receive the AIR Letter?

AIR Letters will be sent approximately two weeks following the final completion of all components of the course to the requesting entity, providing that a release of information form has been signed by the attendee. The attendee will also be provided a copy.

What is required from the attendee?

The attendee must sign a release of information form prior to their course, agreeing that PBI Education will provide an AIR Letter to their regulatory agency, organization, or professional program.