Our suite of professional boundaries courses employ the premise that everyone has the potential to commit a boundary violation—yet not everyone does. In our non-judgmental course environments, participants are guided to open their eyes to what predisposed them to violate professional or ethical norms at the particular time and in the particular manner that they did.

For more information about professional boundaries in general, visit our FAQ page.

What kinds of issues are addressed in a professional boundaries course?

  • Professional misconduct
  • Non-Sexual and sexual boundary violations
  • Workplace relationships and disruptive behavior
  • Recognizing power imbalances
  • Dual relationships
  • General boundary crossing & violations
  • Board-mandated or anticipated disciplinary action
  • Team or clinical communication issues

The purpose of these courses are to

  • Fulfill regulatory board/agency, employer, or professional school mandates for educational interventions
  • Cover a range of issues so that participants can prevent future problems and protect themselves and others  
  • Help participants comply with all standards of practice, codes of ethics and state statutes
  • Explore the vulnerabilities and risk factors that predispose participants to violations

Boundaries Course Reviews and Testimonials

“Invaluable course. One never realizes how precious one’s license and reputation is until it is threatened!”

“Although at first I was angry about being required to attend, after having taken the course I see it was worth the cost. I have learned so much about myself as a person and a provider. The course has given me the desire to be a better practitioner.”

“This has been the single most informative course I have taken in my 25 years of practice, I wish I had taken it years ago. I cannot thank PBI enough for having this course. ”

“A superb experience! Educational as well as therapeutic and gave me the opportunity to learn from others. I can make peace with my transgressions and begin to heal. Thank you!”

“This course is priceless and life-changing in my opinion, ALL clinicians need to take this course. “You don’t know what you don’t know” and that puts all of us at the highest risk. Overall, I feel I have more hope and have been inspired. I strongly believe I will be able to impact many lives positively in the future.”



Professional Boundaries (PB-24)
Three-day course focuses on establishing and maintaining boundaries, enhancing ethical decision making, and mitigating risks.
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