Medical Records

Medical Records

Deficiencies in medical record keeping are a common reason for referral to a remedial course, yet many clinicians fail to recognize why they are being held to account for what they may consider a chore—even a distraction from patient care. Our course illustrates why the process of keeping complete, clear, and accurate medical records is critical to the responsible provision of patient care and explores perceived obstacles to adhering to better practices. 

What kinds of issues are addressed in a medical record keeping course?

  • Incomplete or illegible records
  • EMR and coding inaccuracies
  • Other record keeping deficiencies as determined by employer, regulator, or law

The purpose of these courses are to

  • Fulfill regulatory board/agency, employer, or professional school mandates for educational interventions
  • Cover a range of issues so that participants can prevent future problems and protect themselves and others
  • Help participants comply with regulations and laws regarding medical record keeping
  • Apply improved skills for maintaining electronic medical records
  • Provide improved documentation for risk management

Medical Record Keeping Course Reviews and Testimonials

“I was advised to take this course AND I am glad that i did! I learned a LOT and it was refreshing to discuss with others in similar predicaments. Thank you!”

“Excellent course and instructor! It was an enlightening weekend and will change my practice significantly for the better.”

“My documentation will improve to the highest level and I will be able to provide improved protection for myself and my staff.”



Medical Record Keeping (MR-17)
Two-day course on proper record keeping practices, record keeping law, EMR, and mitigating risks.
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