About the PBI Virtual Live Classroom®

PBI Virtual Live Classroom®: Live, Interactive Remedial Education

The Virtual Live Classroom utilizes Zoom to provide impactful education in a safer, more accessible environment. After more than two years of delivering remedial education through a virtual platform, we have found that virtual courses accomplish the same objectives as traditional in-person courses, and provide many unexpected advantages.

Virtual Live Classroom Features:

  • Face-to-face: Live video conference allows for a real-time presentation of content in an interactive learning environment
  • Limited course size: 12-16 participant limit allows for 1:1 interaction with Course Faculty
  • Participant identity verification: Course Proctors verify identity of participation throughout course
  • Strict participation requirements: Video and audio participation required, attendance monitored by Course Proctors and Faculty
  • Eliminated travel: More immediate intervention, allows for change in practice sooner, resulting in safer clinicians and patient care
  • Equivalent to “in-person”: Consistent standards for participation, attendance, and professionalism 
taking a virtual live course

Virtual Live Classroom Demo

Frequent Questions About Virtual

How do you verify active participation?
What about participants who are not familiar with Zoom?
Can a participant walk-away or turn off their camera?
Do you have measures to verify identity?
How is confidentiality maintained?
What is the pass/fail criteria?
What are the technological requirements to complete a virtual course?

PBI Course Formats Compared


Participants travel to attend their course on the scheduled date. Course content and group discussion is facilitated by faculty, face-to-face, in a conference room environment.

*Due to health and safety concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this format in currently unavailable.

Virtual Live Classroom

Participants join a live, video Zoom meeting on their scheduled course date. Course content and group discussion is facilitated by faculty, face-to-face, in real-time. Course proctors verify participant’s identity, attendance, and participation throughout the course.


Participant uses a web-enabled device (computer, tablet, or cell phone) to review course content on-demand, independently, at their own pace. These courses are prevention focused, typically offering 2-3 CME/CE credits.

Course Format Comparison Chart

Course FeaturesIn-PersonVirtualOnline
Accredited for CME/CE creditX X X
Content developed by subject matter expertsX X X
Required pre-course assignmentsX X
In-class activities and assignmentsX X
Real-time presentation of curricular contentX X
1:1 interaction between participant and Course FacultyX X
Interactive group discussions and activitiesX X
Intensive process of self-assessment and introspectionX X
Oral presentation of Personalized Protection PlanX X
Participant identity verificationX X
Course Proctors confirm participant expectations are metX
1:1 pre-course technology trainingX

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