Preventative and Non-Remedial



Best Practice Prescribing: Opioids, Pain Management, and Addiction (RX-3)
An introduction to navigating proper opioid prescribing, best practices for pain managements, and the opioid epidemic
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Medical Chaperone Training Program (CTP-2)
A comprehensive guide to serving as a medical chaperone in a variety of settings. Editions: Voluntary, Mandated.
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Maintaining Ethics, Boundaries and Professionalism in Nursing (NE-3)
Online course for nurses wishing to recognize common ethical and boundary pitfalls, and learn how to avoid them
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Managing Clinician-Patient Conflicts (CPC-2)
Course covers strategies for conflict management, deescalating tension, and understanding patients with personality disorders
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The Complete Professional (DR-2)
An introduction to navigating professional boundaries in medicine. Editions: Doctoral, Non-Doctoral.
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