The Importance of Knowing Your Regulator

The Importance of Knowing Your Regulator

January 2021

Knowing the expectations of your regulator (i.e., your state board or your provincial regulatory college), is critical to your professional success. The best place to become familiar with the expectations that govern your license is on your regulator’s website.

Some important items to review on regulator websites include:

  • The mission, goals, and/or purpose of the regulator. The mission of most regulators is to protect the interest of the public.
  • Policies, laws, rules, and/or guidelines and any updates to these items
  • Official statements
  • Information for the public
  • Overview of their disciplinary process 
  • If there is a newsletter or email list, we recommend that you subscribe to it to stay up-to-date in the future

Finding Your Regulator’s Website:

One of the simplest ways to locate your regulator’s website is by completing an internet search.

1. Navigate to your search engine (ie.g., Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)

2. Type in your state or province, profession, and either the word “board” or “college” (board if you live in the U.S., college if you live in Canada).

3. Review the search results and choose the most appropriate result.

Search Example: A nurse from Florida would type “Florida Nursing Board,” a Physician from Alberta, Canada would type “Alberta Physician College.”

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