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  2. The Remediation Process
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Success Stories

Testimonials About the Remediation Process

  • “I was not happy about being required to take this course. With that being said, I am pleased that I did. I initially thought that I was going to be subjected to endless slide presentations and case studies. Hearing everyone’s story and reflections on their reasons for attending were perhaps the best part of the experience. The faculty was awesome, treated everyone with respect and was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. “
    – Medical Ethics Course Graduate
  • “A superb experience! Educational as well as therapeutic and gave me the opportunity to learn from others. I can make peace with my transgressions and begin to heal. Thank you!”
    – Professional Boundaries Course Graduate
  • “We all start this course in a tough place emotionally and professionally, but graduate with renewed hope and stronger dedication to our public duty. This course was a powerful experience for me. “
    – Educators Course Graduate
  • “The course reinforced my need to understand my own feelings and gather them prior to entering the room of a difficult patient. The course was well designed, well presented.”
    – Clinician Patient Conflicts Course Graduate

Testimonials About Course Quality

  • “Certainly one of the most valuable (if not the most valuable) CME course in my professional career”
    – Professional Boundaries Course Graduate
  • “I thought the course was excellent, the materials were very helpful and allowed hands on work and actionable plans and monitoring. I also really felt it beneficial to discuss the cases and personal challenges with colleagues. Hearing their perspectives and group insights on my own challenges was the most helpful aspect. “
    – Civility and Communication Course Graduate
  • “I feel this course was excellent and very eye-opening. I have become aware of so many areas that I was falling short in and have plans to implement new risk management and patient care initiatives as soon as a I get home.”
    – Prescribing Course Graduate
  • “What I learned in the course was more than I’ve learned and implemented the past 2 years (of my probation) combined…I will be continually modifying and making changes to how I practice. This course and all the info contained is invaluable. “
    – Professional Boundaries Course Graduate

Testimonials About Course Faculty

  • “The instructor was superb. I wish that I had this course 20 years ago and I feel it should be mandatory for all physicians in the United States.”
    – Medical Record Course Graduate
  • “I truly enjoyed being able to have help looking at my mistake and, most importantly, having help in creating a prevention plan. The faculty helped with this completely. “
    – Medical Ethics Course Graduate
  • “This course was fantastic and the faculty did a BRILLIANT job in managing and conducting the course. I loved the virtual aspect of it which made me pay attention 100% throughout the course by seeing all the participants and the instructor right in front of my eyes at all times. I could have not asked for any better educational experience than this. Phenomenal job. “
    – Medical Ethics Course Graduate
  • “The course instructor was totally focused on the needs of the participants for corrections of any deficits in record keeping and conforming to the requirements of medical boards. “
    – Medical Record Course Graduate

Testimonials About Virtual Remedial Learning

  • “I have used early intervention to correct minor violations of the regulations. At these meetings, we discuss our investigative findings and recommend CME’s. This has proven to be highly effective with minimal recidivism.”
    – Senior Regulatory Agency Staff Member
  • “Given that … complaints are often significant with future patient harm a significant risk, there remains a priority need that a regulated member be able to access physician assessment and remediation in a near immediate fashion upon resolution of a complaint. . . . This is believed to translate into accelerated practice improvements, which therefore results in not only improved patient care but a reduced future risk of the individual physicians coming to the attention of their professional regulator.”
    – Senior Regulatory Agency Staff Member
  • “I felt being in my home environment that I was more comfortable discussing my personal history. Even though we were not all in the same room physically, there was a sense of everyone being present, I did feel close to everyone.”
    – Professional Boundaries Course Graduate
  • “I actually thought that the virtual element allowed me to engage more because of the focus being on each other and the instructor simultaneously. It kept me present with the others in the space and their reactions to one another’s narratives, as well as the information presented.”
    – Medical Record Course Graduate
  • “This course was very easy to navigate through, and thoroughly covered the topic of appropriately utilizing a chaperone. I also liked the variety of tools used to cover the various topics, such as videos, vignettes, etc. rather than just reading slides…..this made it more interesting as well as providing a better/relatable and more understandable visual. “
    – Chaperone Training Course Graduate


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