20 Year Anniversary

PBI celebrates our 20 Year Anniversary: Two Decades of Impactful Education

Since 2001, PBI Education has provided high-quality, continuing education courses to more than 13,000 professionals from the United States, Canada, and beyond. In celebration of two decades of providing impactful education, we will be offering exclusive content, programs, and promotions throughout 2021. Subscribe to our email list to be the first to hear about these opportunities.

20th Anniversary Discount:
PBI Medical Chaperone Training Program

In celebration of our 20 Year Anniversary, and as a patient safety initiative, our Medical Chaperone Training Program course is being offered for only $20. This is a discount of more than 70% off the regular price of $79.

Graduate Success Stories

For our anniversary, we are featuring a collection of success stories from our course graduates. These are stories of transformation, professional growth, and serve to underscore the effectiveness of timely, impactful remediation.

Dr. K’s Success Story

“If you don’t change, you’re going to repeat the same mistakes that got you into hot water in the first place.” – Dr. K

Are you a PBI course graduate with a success story to share? We would love to hear how our courses have impacted you and your career. Interested graduates should contact our staff at info@pbieducation.com.

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