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Mission Statement

To safeguard the public by providing clinicians and educators preventative education and personalized remedial interventions that reduce lapses in professionalism, thereby improving competence and performance.


Since 2001, PBI Education has been dedicated to providing high-quality, continuing education events that are clinically and academically based on the topics of professional boundaries, civility and communication, ethics, medical record keeping, prescribing practices, risk management, and law. These educational experiences assist professionals to perform optimally and ethically, as demonstrated by improvements in competence, performance, and care, thereby elevating the overall health and safety of the public.

Our Methodology

We believe everyone has the potential to slide down the slippery slope and make a mistake—but not everyone slips. In our courses, participants first examine their flawed reasoning and understand how they initially failed to uphold professional conduct. Our faculty then guide them to develop the insights and habits essential to move forward as a safer professional.

Our Faculty

Our Faculty are committed to excellence in education and an individualized approach to teaching. Faculty are selected based on their clinical, academic, and professional expertise. Clinical faculty are approved through our joint providership with the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine.

Teach with PBI

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Our Team

President & Founder, Stephen J. Schenthal, MD, MSW
Medical Director, Greg Skipper, MD
Vice President, Mark Schenthal, (904) 401-2324, mark@pbieducation.com
Regulatory Liaison, Catherine V. Caldicott, MD, FACP, (904) 612-3773, catherine@pbieducation.com
Director of Operations and Education, Leia A. Leiser, (904) 860-6204, leia@pbieducation.com
Director of IT, Chaowalit Thamsonglar
Communications & Project Manager, Amanda East, (904) 489-0900, amanda@pbieducation.com
Program Coordinator, Kasey Cleary, (904) 577-0041, kasey@pbieducation.com

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